Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Hook & Jill" by, Andrea Jones

   I'm doing this review a little bit differently. I'm going to try a more freestyle approach, so here it goes. 

Hook & Jill is a story that follows the characters we all love from "Peter Pan". First you have Peter who is his same free and careless self. However, the Peter in this story also has a very dark edge to him that I found slightly disturbing. Let me say before I continue that the writing in Hook & Jill is fantastic and all of the characters felt very real to me. Imagine a Peter who gets his way in all things and never has to face any consequences for his actions. A boy/man child who runs wild, can fly, and likes to hunt. This boy can easily blur the lines between right and wrong and not care at all. I didn't like Peter in this book and I think that was the point. 
  Next we have Wendy/Jill who is a girl very much wanting to enter womanhood. She loves Peter but can't help but want him to have romantic feelings for her. As she watches Peter and longs for change, she begins to notice some disturbing things about him. (Enter Hook)
  For me this book was about Hook. He is a grown man/pirate who knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. He effortlessly weaves his spell on all who cross his path and I loved reading about him. I am a huge fan of Hook as a character, but I don't mean the cartoon Hook from my childhood. I love Hook the man and how others have re-imagined him in newer shows and this book. The chemistry between Hook and Jill was fantastic and I can't wait to read more. 
  This story also has Wendy's brothers, the lost boys, and Tink. I liked all these characters and the setting was also spot-on. My only real problem with the story was the pacing. At times I felt that the plot was too slow moving but the wonderful writing made up for that. Overall a wonderful read!



  1. Thank you for your review, Kimberly, and I want your readers to know that the award-winning "Hook & Jill" Saga will include 5 books. "Other Oceans: Book Two of the Hook & Jill Saga" is available now in hardcover and as an e-book. You can learn more at and

    Sail on, to Other Oceans!
    Andrea Jones, Author

  2. Just an update..."Other Islands: Book Three of the Hook & Jill Saga" is now available in hardcover and Kindle, and has brought our total of literary awards for the Saga up to 22! I've also released the original story that started it all -- J.M. Barrie's "Peter and Wendy: The Restored Text." Modern publishers have altered the words, and this publication restores it to its 1911 first-edition text. It's not just for children. Enjoy!