My Favorite Book Covers

Here are some of my very favorite book covers. I don't have them in any particular order. 

This is just beautiful!

I love the adventure and fantasy in this cover.

This little girl is simply adorable. Plus this cover is wonderfully textured.

This book series makes me feel like a kid again. Plus the covers have sparkles.

One of my favorite fantasy covers. Bright colors and dragons. I want to be the one standing there.

This cover is bright and perfectly sweet. These little guys just invite you in.

I love all the detail and adventure in this cover. So many things to look at.

Bright and lovely. I fell in love with these two covers the second I saw them.

Sweet, sparkly, and a fun texture. I love them.

This girl is just beautiful.

I love these two covers. They are whimsical and bright. 

Again with the sparkles, I love them. These covers are so fun and colorful. 

These covers are incredible! Strange and lovely to look at. 

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