My Favorite Reads...

My Favorite Reads

Pride and Prejudice is my very favorite book.
I love the subtle romance and the journey of two 
very different people changing one another for the better.

*I love anything and everything Jane Austen.

I love Anne McCaffrey's books, especially her 
Dragonriders of Pern series. The Harper Hall trilogy 
is a wonderful introduction to this fantastic world.

The Fairyland books by Catherynne M. Valente
are simply perfect. Full of magic and dreams, these
books will take you to a magical place that
you will never want to come back from.

I have read all of Annette Curtis Klause's books.
Each very different but all wonderful.
(The silver kiss is a vampire story.)

 (Alien secrets is a young adult alien story)

 (Blood and Chocolate is a werewolf story)

 (Freaks alive, on the inside! is a young 
adult story about circus freaks)

 The Avalon series is for young readers.
It's full of magic, friendship, and some great 

 East is my favorite version of one of my 
favorite fairy tales. (East of the sun, West of the moon)
This book has a bit of everything and 
is beautifully written.

 Enchanted is many of the fairy tales we 
all love beautifully woven together into 
this love story. I love this book!

 The Erec Rex series is great for Harry Potter fans.
It has engaging characters, magic, and fun imagery.
A wonderful adventure. 

 Graceling is a medieval fantasy story with 
a very strong lead female character. 

 The Septimus Heap series is an epic fantasy
for young readers. Fun characters and a 
magical place. Plus some great illustrations.

 The Charlie Bone series is another good 
one for Harry Potter fans. Absolute fun
and fantasy.

 The silver metal lover is a fantasy love story
that shows us what it means to be human. This book 
is just one of a handful that have made me cry.

 Splintered is a fun, romantic, and slightly dark
take on Alice in Wonderland. Pure enjoyment.

 Sunshine is the most original and engrossing vampire
story that I have read. This is a book that will stay with you.

 The land of Elyon series is a wonderful
fantasy series for young adults. It has animals
that talk and a girl who is determined 
to make a difference.

 The tales of the frog princess series is 
whimsical, funny, and just makes me happy. 

 The raging quiet is beautiful, haunting, and
a book that I think everyone should read. 
One of my top 5 reads.

The thief is a fantasy/mystery that is 
well thought out and flawlessly written.
If you read this book you will love it.

 The sky chasers series is a science fiction 
story that will keep you on the edge of
your seat and tie you up in knots.
I love this series and these characters.

 I love all of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' books.
The den of shadows quartet is her vampire series.
Wonderful and different take on vampires.

The shapeshifters series is maybe my 
favorite series about shifters. Unique
and lovely with plenty of romance.

The chemical garden trilogy is haunting
and lovely. These books will have you biting
your nails and will stay with you long
after you are finished reading them.

Guilty pleasures is the first book in the 
Anita Blake series. Vampires, demons, and a 
kick-butt lead female character. Laurell K.
Hamilton is one of my favorite authors.
These books are very hot and for adults only.

A kiss of shadows is the first book in the 
Meredith Gentry series. Warrior fae and plenty 
of hot love scenes. What's not to love.

Patricia C. Wrede is a master storyteller.
The enchanted trilogy has a world filled 
with magic and is set in regency time.
Two of my very favorite things.

I am a big fan of Lisa Jane Smith.
However, of all her books I love the 
Night World series the best.
I love the feel of the world and 
how genuine the characters are.

Meagan Spooner is a wonderful author. 
I have devoured the first two books in her
Skylark trilogy and I loved them.
They are dystopian novels filled with magic
and awesomeness.

Much more to come...

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