Friday, August 17, 2012

"The Sweetest Spell"

“The Sweetest Spell” by, Suzanne Selfors

                Emmeline Thistle is born to a poor dirtscratcher couple but because of a curled foot she is taken by the midwife to a meadow and left to die. Emmeline’s father knows that life is hard in the town of Root and families can’t afford to feed children who aren’t able work the fields. That night, newborn Emmeline is saved by four milk cows and is returned to her parents by the dairyman. Emmeline’s mother, who was told the baby was stillborn, was blissfully happy to have her child back and the couple raised her with love.
The town of Root was not very accepting of Emmeline and her life was difficult. Despite all this, Emmeline grew into a smart and lovely young woman with a special affinity for cows. Emmeline’s story really starts on the afternoon of the husband market when the royal soldiers ride into town and her world is changed forever.
*First I want to say that I was thoroughly charmed by this lovely story. “The sweetest spell” reads like many of my favorite fairy tales and it’s a book that would be wonderful to read out loud to others.

A bit about the characters…
*Emmeline: I thought that she had the perfect blend of strength, sweetness, honesty, and feistiness. She wasn’t afraid of her feelings and she refused to be ashamed of who she was.
*Owen: I found him to be strong, funny, and full of warmth. He was what all mothers hope their sons grow up to be and was only missing a shield and a white steed.
*Beau: He comes into the story toward the end but I absolutely loved him. Charismatic and brilliant, Beau is a character that is impossible not to love. (I hope to read more about him in a second book. Fingers crossed.) These are just some of the characters that will steal your heart in this gem of a book.

In “The sweetest spell” you will also enjoy a romance that’s as sweet as chocolate and just as satisfying. I read books because I love stories and I loved this book. Reading “The sweetest spell” was like floating through magic. Go pick up a copy today!   

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  1. Ooh, I like the cover. It looks so magical and romantic. Looking forward to the review.

  2. I will be done reading tomorrow. Such a fun book.