Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dark Companion, By Marta Acosta

                “Dark companion” is a story about a girl named Jane Williams and her journey to find out who she is and what she wants out of life. That being said, this book also has plenty of romance, mystery, danger, and magic to satisfy any reader.
                Jane is orphaned at an early age and grows up in the fostercare system. Her life is hard but she is determined to improve her circumstances by studying hard in school with the hopes of getting a scholarship. Her prayers are answered when she is offered a full scholarship to the exclusive Birch Grove Academy.
                Jane arrives at the academy and is welcomed by Headmistress Radcliffe who is very warm and kind to Jane. Jane is given a small cottage to live in just off campus and is offered a small allowence to help tutor Lucky, one of the headmistress’ sons. Things really seem to be looking up for Jane as she settles into her new and improved life, but Birch Grove Academy and its inhabitants are shrowded in mystery and Jane may be in very real danger.
                This story had my emotions going in every direction and I was very sad to have it end. “Dark companion” is filled with some really fun and engaging characters.
*Lucian (Lucky) Radcliffe- Very handsome, spoiled, vain, but deep down has a good heart.
*Jacob (Jack) Radcliffe- Cute, artistic, smart, and full of life. Jack is one of my favorite characters and several times in the book I just wanted to reach into the pages and kiss him.
*Mary Violet Holiday (MV) - Vivacious, spirited, and captivating. MV is probably my favorite character in this book, she is so well written and I want her to be real so I can hang out with her. I really think that Mary Violet diserves a book all her own.
*Constance Applewhaite and Harriet (Hattie) Tyler are two other girls that become friends with Jane and they are both great additions to this story.
                “Dark companion” is also full of the supernatural and is rightly categorized as a teen paranormal romance, but I found it to be so much more. Jane is a girl with a very dark past who has strength at her core that I wish I shared. I loved this story and really hope that the author gives us more stories placed in this enchanting world. 

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