Sunday, August 12, 2012

"The Unnaturalists" My review.

“The Unnaturalists” by, Tiffany Trent

                In a world surrounded my magic but where its use is prohibited, Vespa Nyx lives a pretty ordinary life. Vespa works in a museum with her father where they store magical creatures (Elementals) that are kept in stasis. If she had it her way Vespa would never marry and would work at the museum for the rest of her life, but her father has other plans for her.
                This story takes place in New London, an early London style world that is full of magic and danger. As you read you will learn about the upper-class city people and the lower-class people (Tinkers) who live on the outskirts. The Tinkers are in tune with nature and the mythical creatures that live among them. Because of this, the Tinkers are taken from their homes and enslaved in the refinery where they have no hope of escape. In New London we also meet the Archetects, a group of magic users who are trying to stop the destruction of magical creatures and bring balance to the city.
*Some of the characters
Vespa- I like how strong she is and that she doesn’t cry or run away from danger. She knows what she wants and who she is.
Hal- He is very complicated and is constantly at war with himself. I liked that he is flawed but wants to do the right thing and I loved seeing him grow as the story progressed.
Syrus- He is my favorite character and has enough personality to carry his own book series. Syrus is smart, resourceful, and has a beautiful soul.
These are just a few of the wonderfully written characters that live in this captivating world. “The Unnatrualists” is a rich and detailed story that I couldn’t put down. The characters are full of life and jump off the pages as you read. New London is a perfect mix of fantasy, romance, and adventure. I really hope that this is just the first book based in this world and I can’t wait for what comes next.     

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