Friday, May 3, 2013

“Prophecy” by, Ellen Oh

Kira is a warrior, a demon hunter, and a young woman of the royal family. Kira lives in Hansong, in the Seven Kingdoms (a land and time much like feudal Japan) and because of her abilities she is despised by most of her countrymen. Another strike against her is that Kira is one of the King’s army. In a time when women didn’t fight and were instead expected to marry, Kira feels at odds with everything. When the demons attack and (Taejo) the young prince’s life is in danger, Kira must use all her skills to keep him alive and save the kingdom.

I really enjoyed reading “Prophecy”. I fell in love with the many wonderful characters and with the Seven Kingdoms world.

*Kira is strong, smart, and has a compassionate heart. (I love strong female characters in books) I felt everything right along with her and I pulled for her throughout the book.  

*Kwan and Kyoung are Kira’s brothers. They are both warriors and wonderful brothers. I would like to read more about them.

*Jaewon is a traveler that Kira meets while on the run. He is handsome, sweet, and devoted to Kira. (I fell in love with him) I thought it was so sweet how Kira got flustered when they were alone together.

*Seung is Jaewon’s friend and traveling companion. He is blunt in a good way and very funny. I enjoyed him.

*Taejo is the young prince and Kira’s cousin. He wanted so much to be brave and to help fight. I liked watching him grow and learn as he worked to save his people.

“Prophecy” flowed really well and has an ending that leaves room for many more stories. I also enjoyed the use of magic in the story and the themes of following your heart and protecting family. It was a book that was very easy for me to immerse myself in. I can’t wait to read the next book by Ellen Oh.

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