Sunday, September 29, 2013

Title: “Blackmoore”

Author: Julianne Donaldson

Publication date: 9/10/2013

Type of book: Historical Fiction and Proper Romance

Is this a part of a series, If yes, which number? No

Summary:  Kate Worthington is a single woman living in Regency England. In a world where most of her life is decided for her Kate wants only two things, to go visit Blackmoore (A friend’s estate/house) and to travel to India with her aunt. Unfortunately for her those two things are being kept from her by her mother who only wants Kate to marry. In order to get to Blackmoore Kate makes a hasty bargain with her mother. With more at stake then just a trip to India, Kate must quickly find out who she is and what she is willing to do to get what she wants in life.    

Characters: Kate Worthington: I liked Kate. She is spunky and keeps trying to reach her goals even when things seem out of focus.

*Henry: He is my favorite character in this book. I love how sweet he is and how much he loves Kate. He follows his heart even when it‘s difficult. Henry is very swoon worthy.

(Normally I would go on a bit more about secondary characters but for me this book was really just about Kate and Henry.)

Favorite bits: *I love the description of Blackmoore and I felt like I had walked the halls myself.

*I really enjoyed the subtle and sweet gestures from Henry towards Kate. (I love a subtle and meaningful romance.)

*I loved the scene where Henry lets the bird out of the cage. I enjoyed the symbolism of it.

Problematic bits: *I did find Kate difficult to like at times.

*I think that the book could have used more filling out. I’m not even really sure what I would add but I just felt like it was missing something.

Overall I found Blackmoore to be an enjoyable read and great for anyone who wants a sweet Regency “proper” romance. Julianne Donaldson is an author to watch.

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