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The Dark Unwinding by, Sharon Cameron

The Dark Unwinding by, Sharon Cameron

                In England 1852 women have very little control over their lives and that is especially true for Katharine Tulman. Living under the thumb of her mean spirited aunt and slow-witted cousin, Katharine’s life is one of simple survival. Katharine is basically a servant and along with keeping the financial books for the estate she also does anything else her aunt finds diasgreeable. When Aunt Alice decides that her son’s income is in danger she sends Katharine to resolve the issue. Uncle Tulman lives in and runs Stranwyne Keep (A large country estate). Wanting control of all the property’s money, Aunt Alice sends her niece to have Uncle Tulman proclaimed incompetent and sent to an asylum. Katharine agrees to the task feeling that she has no choice, but she couldn’t have anticipated the mystery and magic she would find at Stranwyne Keep.

                First I have to say that this book has such a beautiful cover. I’m sad that the copy sent to me doesn’t have the cover art but the story inside more than made up for that. “The dark unwinding” is such a beautiful story and much different than I was expecting. When I first started reading I thought it was simply going to be a steampunk story and I would have been happy with that. What I found as I continued reading was amazingly rich characters, gothic style mystery, a fascinating touch of history, and a heart warming love story that I won’t soon forget. This story is completely captivating and utterly charming! I really can’t imagine anyone reading this and not falling in love with Stranwyne Keep and its people. This story gives us glimpses of the best and worst of human behavior, but it’s the good that shines through and fills your heart with warmth. Read this book, it’s a can’t miss!!!!

About a few characters:

*Lane Moreau- So strong and valiant. I couldn’t help but fall in love with him and the way he cared for others.

*Uncle Tully- He is complicated and brilliant and I, like all the other characters, wanted to protect him.

*Davy- My heart just broke for him and all I wanted to do was take care of him and love him. His spirit was beautifully captured.

*Katharine- Everything I love in a lead female character. She is strong, smart, compassionate, kind, courageous, and determined. She drove this story with her passion and I felt every emotion right along with her.

*Mary and Miss Jefferies- Both women are very important to the story and I found myself smiling at their snarky attitudes.

I loved, loved, loved this book and really hope that Sharon Cameron gives us another story in this world.

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