Sunday, October 21, 2012

“Tomorrow Land” by, Mari Mancusi

Peyton Anderson and Chris Parker are just regular teens trying to navigate life and new love when the apocalypse hits. Peyton and Chris make plans with eight other kids to gather provisions and get out of town but Peyton’s paranoid father has been making plans of his own.  He’s been preparing for the end of days and when things go bad he convinces Peyton to go into a bomb shelter with her mother instead of going with Chris. (The shelter will be locked for four years)

When Peyton comes out of the shelter alone (her mother dies just before the door opens) she finds most of Earth’s population has either died or been mutated into zombie-like creatures. Meanwhile Chris Parker and the other kids have managed to survive in the mountains and have recently moved into a Walmart where the supplies are plentiful. On her first day out Peyton runs into Chris (now Chase) Parker and she realizes that she will need his help if she’s going to make it in this new and dangerous world.

Mari Mancusi is the author of many wonderful books including the “Blood Coven” series. “Tomorrow Land” is a very fun read with a great group of well developed characters. The storyline wasn’t overly complicated but it did deal with death, regret, and drug addiction. I found myself really pulling for the characters and I wondered what I would do in their situation. I also really loved the very sweet romance between Peyton and Chase. I want a Chase Parker of my very own!!

Some readers may have an issue with how the book ends (I’m not going to say why because I don’t want to ruin it) but for me it was perfect. “Tomorrow Land” is available as both a print book and an ebook from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Go get it today!  

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