Monday, October 15, 2012

“Ironskin” by, Tina Connolly

                Jane Eliot has had to live with emotional and physical scars ever since the fey wars ended. While trying to save her brother she was hit by a fey bomb that left half of her face scarred. Along with the scars on the outside, Jane was also cursed with rage. Without a special iron mask to cover it the rage inside her leaks out and affects the emotions of those around her.

When Jane’s sister gets engaged, Jane decides to take a job as a teacher in a private residence. Her charge is a five year old girl named Dorie who has also been touched by the fey curse. Edward Rochart is Dorie’s father and he has many secrets of his own.  From the moment Jane steps into Dorie and Edward’s home her life is changed forever. The question is… Will they all get their happy endings?

                I really enjoyed reading Ironskin. It had a little bit of “Jane Eyre” and “Beauty and the Beast” mixed with dark, gritty fey fantasy. I thought that Jane was a really well developed character and I completely understood her motivations throughout the story.  Dorie and Edward were good secondary characters but by the end of the story I still felt a little in the dark about Edward.

I really, really loved the gothic feel of Ironskin. I wanted to be the one creeping through the huge estate and fighting off the fey with iron spikes. I longed to protect little Dorie from the darkness that surrounded her. Most of all I wanted to fall in love with the mysterious Edward, secrets and all.

Ironskin is a book that would be great to read out on a porch when it’s raining and you are all snuggled up in a warm blanket. It’s compelling all on its own but I really hope we get to read more about Jane as she continues to fight the fey invasion.  Wonderful read!   

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