Wednesday, November 14, 2012

“The Society’s Traitor” (The Discoveries of Arthur Grey Book 1) by, V.K. Finnish

                Arthur Grey feels very alone in the world. He lives with his grandmother who isn’t the most loving person and he doesn’t really have any friends (Except his dog Griffin). So when his long absent father shows up and offers him a different life Arthur jumps at the chance.

Arthur’s father opens a magic portal that transports himself, Griffin, and Arthur to a top secret school in the jungles of Peru. Once there Arthur is introduced to The Historia Society (a secret society that discovers and protects the world’s treasures, legends, and myths including mythical animals). Arthur is soon enrolled in The Historia Society’s school (specifically in the Conservatorium where the society houses rare creatures). While there he makes many wonderful friends and begins the adventure of a lifetime.

“The society’s traitor” is a very fun read for kids and adults. It is full of enough magic and adventure to satisfy any reader. My favorite part of this book was the full cast of animated characters.

*Hobbs- The rough around the edges investigator.
*Idolette- The most popular and pretty girl in school.
*Esmond- A smart and troubled boy.
*Sebas- The most popular and accomplished boy in school.
*Gamble- The sometimes hard to like teacher.

The adventure in this book is great. It has poachers, hidden treasure, spies, and a bunch of mythical animals. (Have I mentioned that I love mythical animals? Because I do) “The society’s Traitor” is the first book in The Discoveries of Arthur Grey series and I will definitely be reading more of this series. (Great for fans of Harry Potter, Septimus Heap, and Erec Rex) 

Title: The Society's Traitor
Series: The Discoveries of Arthur Grey, Book 1
Author: V. K. Finnish (
Publisher: Panama Hat Publishing, Ltd. (
Available Editions:
  • Hardcover ISBN 978-0-9852202-0-4 298pp $22.99
    • Panoramic Cover Art on Dust Jacket is exclusive to Hardcover edition
  • Paperback ISBN 978-0-9852202-1-1 326pp $12.99
  • NOOK ISBN 978-0-9852202-2-8 (searchable under BN ID 2940014937481) $0.99 until Dec 31, 2012 (normally $6.99)
  • Kindle ASIN B008S1JV58 $0.99 until Dec 31, 2012 (normally $6.99)
  • iBookstore ISBN 978-0-9852202-2-8 (this should be out by Nov 1) $0.99 until Dec 31, 2012 (normally $6.99)
Genre: Juvenile Fiction/Action & Adventure
Target Ages: 8-12

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