Thursday, March 7, 2013

“Extranormal” by, Suze Reese

                Mira Johnson is a normal teenage girl who just happens to be from another planet. She is part of an alien race from the planet Nreim (The Nreim race is also a human race, just much more advanced) and she has been sent to earth on a mission. Mira’s job is to observe and record any information she finds out about two teachers in Los Robles High School. (The school that she starts attending after coming to Earth with her mother) The two teachers are from Mira’s planet and they are suspected of breaking Nreim laws.

Mira spent a lot of time studying Earth in preparation for her assignment and she is very excited to get started. However, the reality of trying to blend in with a different race is much more complicated than Mira expected and as the days pass she begins to realize how unprepared she really is.

                I have to start out by saying that I really loved this book! I enjoy discovering new authors and when I saw “Extranormal” on Goodreads I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cover. As lovely as the cover is, the story inside is the real treasure. “Extranormal” is a teen romance beautifully woven together with science fiction. (Two of my very favorite things!) Mira is a very relatable character and I loved that she thought things through. She’s not whiny or insipid like so many of the lead females you find in teen books. 
Jesse is our hero and a very sweet one at that. Honest, kind, and protective; Jesse is sure to make any girl’s heart race. The chemistry between Mira and Jesse starts out slow and grows at a nice pace. (For the people who might wonder, the romance is clean and appropriate for teens and young adults.) I found this story to be a very nice change from a lot of the books that are out there right now.

“Extranormal” is a very sweet romance mixed with science fiction and mystery. I loved it and I can’t wait to read more from Suze Reese.  

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