Saturday, March 16, 2013

“Remembrance” by, Michelle Madow

                Liz is a popular teen girl with a cute boyfriend and a nice group of friends. Her life seems right on track until a new boy starts at her school. His name is Drew and Liz finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. When Liz starts experiencing flashes of a past life with Drew things get very complicated for her.

Okay, I’m going to start by saying that I think this book will appeal to many teens. It reads well and moves quickly. It has romance (clean), a bit of mystery, and plenty of teen angst.  I really enjoyed the ideas in this story.
    The not so good…

*Jeremy, Liz’s boyfriend, was a condescending jerk and I really wanted him to get hit by a car. I didn’t understand why Liz not only put up with his crap but kept trying to soothe his hurt feelings.

*I had a hard time with how easy it was for Liz to betray her best friend. She just kept saying that Chelsea would get over it. That bothered me.

*With very little memory of Drew, Liz insists on behaving like she knows him. I needed more interaction and conversations between the two of them to believe that they knew each other deeply.

*Drew and Liz go from strangers to “Always and Forever” love in the blink of an eye. Even with loving each other in a past life, I needed more from both of them. I just didn’t feel it.

*When Liz thinks she is going to die (because of Jeremy) why is it a comfort to her to have him with her in the end? I have absolutely no idea.

I always say that just because I don’t care for a story doesn’t mean that it’s a bad story. I really wanted to like this book but overall I found that I just didn’t feel for the characters.   

“Remembrance” is the first book in a saga. I love the beautiful cover and I think that these books will have many teen fans.   

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