Thursday, April 4, 2013

“Lonely Souls” by, Karice Bolton

Triss is about to turn 18 and join her family’s (witch) coven when her mother disappears from the beach. Signs point to an accident of some kind and though the police are still investigating, the coven convinces Triss to hold a funeral ceremony. Trying to hold onto hope, Triss is glad to see her long-time friend Logan who has come into town for the service. Like Triss, Logan believes that there is more going on and they are both determined to get to the bottom of things. With a missing mother, a handsome/charming boy wanting to protect her, and a coven that can’t be trusted, Triss may be in over her head.

I think the basic storyline is a good one. I liked Triss and Logan as characters and felt like the romance between them had some really sweet moments. I also found myself feeling scared for the characters at several points in this book. (Books don’t often scare me, at least not in a good way.)

  A little side note: “Lonely Souls” has quite a lovely cover.

Even with all the things I liked about this story, I still found it difficult to read. The writing doesn’t flow very well and phrases are repeated many times over. Triss spends most of her time feeling guilty and the reader gets to hear about it every few pages. The book has a part one and a part two but I don’t understand why. The two parts don’t separate anything significant and could have been left out.

Like I always say, just because I didn’t love this book doesn’t mean it’s a bad story. I think that “Lonely Souls” will appeal to most teens, plus it has a great ebook price of (99 cents) depending on where you purchase it. Book two and three are also available for $2.99 each. If you want something light and inexpensive “Lonely Souls” is a great choice.  

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