Tuesday, May 14, 2013

“The Lazarus machine” by, Paul Crilley

                It’s 1895 in a steampunk London. Sebastian Tweed and Octavia Nightingale have grown up in very different circles but when Sebastian’s father and Octavia’s mother are kidnapped the teen’s worlds collide. Professor Moriarty is loose in the city and he has a group of masked thugs at his disposal. Knowing they can only count on themselves, Tweed and Nightingale team up to find their lost parents and put a stop Moriarty’s nefarious plans.

“The Lazarus machine” is so much fun. I loved reading it and here are some reasons why:

*Sherlock Holmes and Professor James Moriarty are characters in this book. That automatically makes this story about fifty percent more fun because they are such great characters. (Love them)

*Sebastian Tweed. What a lovely, awkward, and funny young man. I fell in love with him immediately and I wanted to be the one on the adventure with him.

*Octavia Nightingale. She is smart, sassy, and very brave. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and she is the perfect partner for Tweed.

*Some of my favorite quotes:

1. (“Are you drunk?” he shouted.
She glanced back at him. “What? No. Don’t be absurd.” She grinned again. “Why? Are you offering?”)

2. (“Spinsterhood is still an acceptable alternative. Lots of free time to play with cats, I imagine.”)

3. (“Nobody likes a smart aleck, Tweed,” she snapped.
“Is that so?” said Tweed, distracted still peering into the alley. “Is that why you have no friends?”)

4. (Tweed was silent for a while. Then he asked, “Should we get something to eat?”
“Are you paying?”
“No. I’m poor. You can pay.”
“Fine. But I get to pick where we’re going.”
“Nowhere fancy. I don’t think I want to be surrounded by other people like you.”
“How dare you…”)

5. (“Tell me, do you think the only way I can distract a man is by acting hysterical? Is that what you think of women? I’m surprised you didn’t just tell me to undo a few buttons and flash my cleavage at him. Would you like me to do that, Sebastian Tweed? Hmm?”)

                *This book read like a dream. I think that anyone who reads it will love it and I can’t wait for the second book to be released.

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