Saturday, June 1, 2013

“The power of Poppy Pendle” by, Natasha Lowe

                Poppy Pendle is a very special nine year old girl. Born on the floor of a bakery, Poppy grows up loving to bake and she is very good at it. Poppy is also born with the gift of magic and this fact makes her parents very proud. In no time at all Poppy’s parents have enrolled her in the Ruthersfield Academy for witchcraft. Everything seems to be falling into place for Poppy. There’s just one problem, she hates magic and she doesn’t want to be a witch. All Poppy wants to do is bake. With her parent doing everything in their power to keep her from the kitchen, Poppy struggles to follow her heart and find her own path in the world.

                  The power of Poppy Pendle is a very sweet story and I really enjoyed reading it. In a world filled with books about kids using magic, it’s a fun change to read about a little girl who doesn’t want to. Poppy is a great character and I love that she bakes tasty treats. The story is a simple one but it has some important messages in it. Things like…

*Don’t be afraid to be who you are.

*Family support is important.

*Don’t give up on your dreams.

*True friendship.

*Follow your joy.

Some other things I liked…

*Charlie is a wonderful character and a great friend to Poppy.

*Marie Claire is yet another lovable character. She owns the bakery that Poppy was born in and she becomes a trusted confidant for Poppy.

*Poppy’s parents will make you mad but they are also fun characters.

I really enjoyed this book. I think it’s a book that children will love to read on their own or have it read to them. Plus it has one of the cutest cover ever. Go pick up your copy today.  


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