Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A wish in the woods

“Faerieground: A wish in the woods” by, Beth Bracken

                Soli and Lucy have been best friends all their lives but they couldn’t be more different. When a cute boy named Jaleel takes an interest in the girls, a rift forms between the friends. While walking home from school one day Soli and Lucy get into a fight about Jaleel. A few words are spoken in anger and Lucy is suddenly gone. Soli has to travel to Faerie to find and save her best friend and it’s not going to be easy.

                “A wish in the woods” is one of four small books that make up the Faerieground story. They have been put together in a single volume titled “Wish” by, Beth Bracken. This is going to be a short review because I have only read the first book. The story so far is a good one and I am very interested to see where it goes.

One of the things that I love about this book is the beautiful illustrations throughout the story. The illustrator is Odessa Sawyer and I think they are beautiful pictures. I plan on reading the next three books as soon as I can get my hands on some copies. These books are for middle grade readers but I think that anyone who reads them will fall in love with their charm.

*More to come when I have finished the story.  

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