Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wonder Light

“Wonder Light: Unicorns of the mist” by, R.R. Russell

                Twig is a girl from a broken home who is sent to a horse ranch for troubled girls. Once there Twig begins to notice some strange things happening on the island where the ranch is located. When she decides to investigate she finds much more then she ever could have imagined. To help save the island from a dangerous threat Twig will need to open her heart and learn to overcome her fears.

                Wonder Light is a very sweet and multi-layered story. It has a great cast of characters who pull at the heartstrings in all the best ways. This book has a very interesting mix of a coming of age story and fun fantasy that I found refreshing.

Some facts and favorite things:

* The girl’s home is on Lonehorn Island near the Washington coast.

* The other girls in the house: Casey (Sweet and young, she gets attached to Twig very quickly.) Janessa (A reformed thief), Taylor (Has a very tough exterior and doesn’t want to like Twig.), Mandy, and Regina also live in the girl’s home.

* Mr. and Mrs. Murley are the very nice couple who run the girl’s home.

* Mystery is a beautiful but strange horse that comes onto the property. Twig and the others decide to help her.

* Keely is Twig’s stepmother and the two have a very difficult relationship.

* Mystery gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Twig names the little horse Wild Light but later changes it to Wonder Light.

* Ben is a wild boy who lives in the woods on the island. He and Twig meet and become friends. Ben is a sweet boy and I just wanted to give him a big hug because he had been alone for so long.

* Ben has this cute bird named Emmie. I liked this little creature and for such a small part in the story it had a lot of personality.

* Terracornus is the fantasy world in this story. All kinds of magics exist in this world and some of it is spilling over to ours. There is also an evil queen of Westland which is a place in Terracornus.

* UNICORNS! Yes I said Unicorns. I love them and this book has plenty of them.

* Dagger is the very bad and sometimes exhibits cannibalistic behaviors.

* Merrill is an old friend of Ben’s deceased father.

Wonder Light is a fun read with some really sweet moments. This book would be a great one to read aloud to kids and I think the whole family will enjoy it. I loved the ending and I hope that R.R. Russell writes another book in this great world.  

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