Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Title: “Ink”

Author: Amanda Sun

Publication date: 6/25/13

Type of book: Teen paranormal romance.

Is this a part of a series, If yes, which number? Yes, it’s book one.

Summary: After losing her mom, Katie Green moves to Japan to live with her Aunt. Katie is already struggling to fit in when she has a run-in with Yuu Tomohiro (a popular and aloof boy in her school). Soon strange things start happening whenever Katie is around Tomo and she is determined to discover what he’s hiding from her even if it puts her life in danger.  

Characters: *Katie is a regular girl who has had to deal with the loss of her mom. She is a relatable character and I didn’t find her annoying like some female leads in other teen books. (I liked her.)

*Tomo is a boy with a lot of baggage. He has struggled with his secrets his whole life and as a result he is very isolated. I did feel for him, but I had some moments when I wanted to reach into the book and slap him. I’m excited to see how he grows in the next book.

*”Ink” has some other fun characters but I don’t really feel the need to go on about them. I do really like Katie’s aunt, she is cool and sweet.     

Favorite bits: I really enjoyed that this story was set in Japan. I loved the descriptions of Japan and the use of some Japanese words. I also really liked learning about the Kami and their history. I like where the romance is going so far and can’t wait to see how it progresses. (I found it sweet.) The story also had plenty of danger and intrigue to satisfy any reader.

Problematic bits: Even though I liked the romance, it did move a bit fast for me. I think this is a problem in a lot of teen books so I tend to overlook it most of the time.

*Overall I found this book to be a fast and fun read. It has a unique setting and the Kami are new for me as well. I will for sure be reading book two when it comes out. 

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